Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Love Stories 

Meet Milkyway…Sexy Milkyway has been a special calf ever since she was born. This is the first calf that was born half blind on the farm. She has always been pretty high-strung and scared of her surroundings, down right dangerous for Danika when bring feed into the pasture or move them to paddocks but otherwise a good healthy lady.  Just a week ago, thanks to Moe the bull, she has calved with a beautiful jersey cross calf and has become easy to work with in the barn to every ones surprise. Moe had a ruff time with her in the pasture getting her breed, it took longer than his other girls that where begging to get laid. He was up for anything, anytime, in the rain or snow, when ever the ladies preferred, he was will to please.
Being part Holstein and a little older than her pasture-mates, he was coming up with ideas of ways to trick her to opening up her long legs for him. Her senses of smell and touch was enhanced by her lack of complete site, she could smell him coming…the smell of pine trees he has been rubbed was exciting her everyday. He was on a mission to pleasure her being the only one in the pasture not pregnant with his baby. She played on his need to concur her body…making him lead her around, feed her and lots of massage with his nose ring in all areas. She enjoyed it so much she keep pretending she didn’t know her tail was in his face. As soon as he pressed his ring on her back side he couldn’t help smelling her sweet love, he would curl his nose up and yell out sweet moans that got her excited as well. She was smart though, using her want for more, she would know when he was about to press into her, she needed to be fast, either bend down or whip around so her face got hit instead by his massive load. The girls in the pasture giggled knowing she was playing with him as she winked at them occasionally as she swayed away from him after he released. He caught a smirk & wink by Bev one day that made him think, this can’t be right…he had to plan this out better although he enjoyed the challenge. Moe waited till feeding time, walked her over to a spot at the bunks, letting her go between her friends. He than jumped on her, locking his front legs around her. No foreplay, know where to turn, can’t even drop her hips, she was screwed, literally. Her ears perked up along with 40 of the other girls at the bunk as he moaned, like a crazy elephant fighting a battle. His body became limp and fell off of her into the mud. She looked at the girls and started giggling with them..that was fun while it lasted she said.