Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Day Love Stories 

Meet Snickers…Sexy Snickers was born on a small organic, seasonal milking farm just south of Danika’s farm. She was just a little girl when she moved, but she learned a lot from the cows during her time there. Two of the things was to never touch a wire fence and never sleep with your feet up hill. Somethings she just picked up listening to her mom’s girlfriends as they talked about the bull in the yard. He was only happy two months out of the year they said, which she didn’t understand till she meet other bulls on a seasonally breeding cycle.

Thinking all bulls were anger 10 months out of the year, she had no interest in them till she meet Isaac on Danika’s farm. Isaac seem different then the other bulls of her past. He was a gentleman bull always willing to walk behind all the ladies as they swayed to the barn and would wait for them till they were done and walk with them back to the pasture. He rarely did anything crazy till he meet Snickers. Attracted to her wild hair and fun behavior, it gave him a jolt of being a kid again. He was getting drove wild by her need to caress her head under his body and her need to lick his ears till his tongue hung out. He wanted more and more, aching from within, it was time to release into the one he loved. Snickers was certainly aware he wasn’t playing around anymore when his stick touched the ground. She got a different feeling deep inside her this time that was going to bond there bodies tighter together for…minutes. After Isaac was done giving her a wild humpty dance, both were exhausted and fell asleep in the corners of the pasture, gazing at each other wondering when will that happen again.