Growing up FFA Proud

IMG_4865So… growing up living on an active dairy, strawberry and tobacco farm we never got a vacation. By active I mean we never got a vacation that was more than 4 hours long. Once every summer, if we were lucky, we got away to our Grandparent’s 2nd home which was a trailer right on a lake which I thought was huge body of water.   Come to find out later in life, that “huge body of water” really wasn’t that impressive. Grandpa would fill his boat with one kid at a time and fish for bass while I got to watch from the steps with a stick and rocks. Meanwhile my Grandma would be so excited to try out a new recipe on us, which was always a 50-50 shot that the dog wouldn’t even eat it…sorry Grandma…but that Bean of Bacon Soup (with cut up hotdogs top) Pizza is legendary and had to be the worst of all. We would all smile and Mom would give the eye not to say anything, just cut it into smaller pieces and move it around the plate while Dad praised his mother’s new recipe. We would then take our mosquito bitten bodies into the car, begging to stop at KFC or Burger King for a meal on the way home where the cows await their late milking.

FFA was great for me, not only with all the leadership skills and class room education, but it showed me that the world was much bigger than the 2.5 hour radius our family could go because of cows. Now with the internet, kids that grow up on farms get to see, in live time even, what kids and adults from all over the world are doing in cities, farms and on their vacations. Farmers like me have a story every day, something is always goofy or interesting, so I also follow fellow agriculturists, and those that wish they were agriculturists, as they follow me from all over the world.

This year already has been an exceptional year, (minus the milk prices but…) we recently got named 2018 Vernon County Conservation Farmer of the Year, in which we got a free meal and a door prize, too! Since the beginning of us even thinking about dairy farming, we knew we needed a steady price and preferred not using chemicals on the land. In our luck the Organic market was in need of more milk with Organic Valley & the Westby Co-op Creamery following suit pushing for us little guys.IMG_5152

We see a bright future for FFA kids who are going into agriculture despite the everyday hardships, prices and now more extremist vegan posts we get online. Farmers like us have to have some different blood work – we seem to be resistance to haters and BS.

If this world is in a food revolution to eliminate dairy and meat in our diet then we can put up greenhouses with hydroponics and grow lettuce…we can do that! Farmers are on this earth to make food – not to sit on our hands and wait for someone else to grow it. I just feel bad for people like hubby Nate that only eat 4 different kinds of vegetables and 2-3 kinds of fruits, and he surely isn’t going to eat fake food! We are meat and potato eaters… and we don’t have to cut up and move our food around on the plate so it looks like we ate some of it. Thank a farmer for every forkful of food you do put in your mouth and help promote your local FFA group so in the future we can continue to put that forkful in our mouths!!!

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