Selling Food Memories at the Country Store

I don’t remember ever having a bad meal on the farm growing up. Maybe it’s due to having a great Mother that could make even the fastest meal terrific. When I went to college, I found out that most of my best meals we ate was from the beef I brought from home, not the cheapest from the store which was what I could afford at the time.

Walking into my house now when I got food going in the oven brings tears somedays thinking about when we use to walk into both Grandparents houses smelling ham & potatoes or a big chicken meal, you can’t get much better than that! I like to think that the food bought from my store will bring family & friends together for fancy meals, like Swedish meatballs, kabobs on the grill or the lemon pepper chicken that you couldn’t stop eating! Makes me hungry just thinking about the options. 

One of my hobbies is collecting cookbooks and thumbing through them, but I hardly ever make anything out of them due to I enjoy trying new spices & fresh garlic together on my meat & my standard recipes that are in my head from the time I was little are kick-ass. 

Looking at my store we got farmers that brought in maple syrup & honey that could be infused in meat…or a big squash cooked on the side of a meatloaf with a drizzle of syrup or honey on top of both & cooked to perfection…be fun! Food can be fun if you make it fun! Families have been told to slow down, turn off the cell phones at night and socialize with family & friends…and the best way to do that is at the kitchen table, picnic table or standing by the grill with a beer in one hand & brat in the other. Enjoy life & enjoy food!

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