Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Day Love Stories 

Meet Tamera…Sexy Tamera doesn’t like change, she is as routine as a nun going to pray in a church. She takes the same stall in the sand in the freestall barn and the same end stall on the north right side of the barn every morning and night for milking. This summer might change her normal everyday routine when she has to walk to pasture with a big baby in her belly which she calls a Big Oppsie Baby.

This so called accident was not scheduled, like most babies in the world, but she was planning on raising it with the help of Danika. If the girls in the freestall barn didn’t peer pressure her into pole dancing around that vertical Future Cow backscratcher, Pedro would have never have noticed her long silky legs that she hides daily. She was having so much fun arching her back and tail she didn’t even notice Pedro licking his lips at her every move. He moved closer and closer to her, her eyes opened and meet his than he moved even closer yet till their sweaty necks meet. The heat of passion over took their brains till she was lying in a sore state in her normal sandy stall. She was rode so long she could barely get up to eat and get milked for the next two days. She now calls Pedro…Triple P, the Power Penis Projector.

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