Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Day Love Stories 

Meet Danielle…Sexy Danielle is a beautiful cross of an Ayrshire and a Red Belted but she didn’t carry the white belt trait. She is completely red and lean like her mother. She’s aware that she might be a bit shorter than some of her pasture friends but she carries herself with confidence that attracts all the bulls in neighbor. 

During a cool morning last fall, she walked up on the hill to see what her friend Heath the Highlander Bull was doing. He was a quite bull not knowing much English-moo, he spoke to her in a grunting Scottish accent the best he could. Normally she gets bored by him talking about the hot weather in Wisconsin and how Danika should shave his back, which grosses her out. With the hair dangling over his eyes he looked at Danielle and grunted “you’re going to get a little Scottie in you.” She giggled and turn away. He became irritated by her and started rubbing his horns and neck against the grassy hillside. She never seen this side of him, she was suddenly mesmerized by his every move till he was rubbing up against her back like a violin getting played. She was in love with the red fluffy guy for the moment, till she heard the skid steer coming with silage than it was off and running!

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