Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Day Love Stories 

Meet Ellen…Sexy Ellen brings a new color into the herd not just on her back but in her personality. She has been known as the bombshell that struts into the barn with her boyfriend by her side, making all the girls jealous as she licks his brow with her long tongue and other private areas just to get all the girls jealous. Her boyfriend Tommy Moolee Jones, is a dirty, dirty bull with a body that makes all the girls moo to the top of their lungs. He doesn’t mind the attention in public, almost prefers it.

Last summer the two of them were hot to trot, showboating there love in the pasture. Ellen, just a young lady was not thinking about her reputation in a small herd. She was just being a wild heifer, kiss and rubbing up against Tommy any chance she had. One day at the pond she was knee deep in water as Tommy came behind her to lift her tail, with a big crowd of spectators around them like he enjoyed. He never tried it in the pond before, and this would take his dream location with the bombshell to a new level. So he jumped on her back to give her hips some lovin’. Ellen was mooing so much, Tommy thought, “she is loving this” but little did he know her mother was standing in front of her. As her body was sinking in the mud, he was finishing and his fishing rod jumped out by accident and exploded down Ellen’s back and hitting her mom in the eyes. It was EVERYWHERES like a volcano erupted! Her Mom was fired up, she scolded Tommy out of the water than help push her daughter out of the mud. Ellen’s Mom begged Danika night and day to be put in another pasture as soon as possible! 

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