Danika’s Sexy Cows ~ Valentine’s Day Love Stories

Meet Suri…Sexy Suri is a now considered an aged cow but she sure doesn’t show or act her age. She’s a flirty romantic Ayrshire that wants to be romanced by a strong, long legged, brown haired jersey bull that lives next door. She checks every month over the fence to see if her dream bull notices her rather than those hot little heifers. She secretly named him Tim Teemoo and dreams he is waiting for her even though she knows better. 

One day her eyes meet Teemoo over the single stran of electric fence that separate their pastures. They both started walking towards each other, never unlocking their eyes till they both sensed a fence now between them. Teemoo reached towards her nose till they touched. He started licking her her nose so fast he lost track of his footing and walked into the fence. Suri suddenly became getting disturbed sexual by his kisses and couldn’t figure out why he had special powers that made her whole body tingle all the way through to her tail. She continued to lock tongues with Teemoo till she pasted out from the erotic experience. When she fell, he got shocked a good one and retreated back to his hill side of grass. That night she told the girls about his amazing tongue that made her get all fuzzy headed. After morning milking the girls took turns strutting their stuff next to the fence trying their best to tempt Teemoo, but Teemoo didn’t want anything to do with them…Suri was the only one he wanted, she figured anyways.

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