Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Day Love Stories 

Meet Callie…Sexy Callie is a little heifer that just couldn’t wait to grow up. She has always been an independent, free spirited animals, the one that was just small enough to sneak through the red feeders to eat grass and smart enough to sneak back before Farmer Danika and her dog Sam saw her. As she got older her skills changed and started checking fences and unlocking chains on gates to escape for food. 

Last winter Callie and a couple of her friends from the north pasture decided to step over the fence, which you normally can’t do, but with the snow drift it was easy to do. The girls split up, 3 went east to the corn silage pile and her an Sue Ann went to see who was so talkative in the building. He was a small, young bull named LilNuts by the cows, their bull was Bobby Big Nuts, but for his size he was ripped like he was working out everyday getting ready to fight for the chance to be the main bull. He noticed Callie & Sue Ann trying to get closer to his small pen and started pacing his pen with excitement with ever step they took. Sue Ann noticed he had so much grain in his dish but Callie didn’t see anything but his beautiful blue eyes and long muscles. She had to get closer, working the gate chain she open the gate for her and Sue Ann. Of course Sue Ann was focused on the feed, Callie jump right on the back of LilNuts to get a good feel of his warm body. They danced around & around teasing each other like kids till he pushed her head in the corner. Her face was getting slammed into the gate with every push he gave her, she gasp with shock but was enjoying the new erotic behavior he was teaching her. Sue Ann not paying any attention until a sudden scream by Farmer Danika. They both looked at each other and started running out of the pen. Nine months later Callie had a beautiful baby boy.

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