Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentines’s Day Lovers

Meet Candice… Sexy Candice has had a girlfriend Cassie since two weeks old in the little pens in the barn. They are best friends with a competitive side. Both independent and powerful cows, take no enemy kinda girls, like the Bella Twins. They are side by side every day leading the team of girls to the barn and pastures not really knowing which one is being the boss cow till one day Big Henry came to visit the ladies. Both those girls were hot to trott for him. He was a lean, sexy bull…no hay belly or loose neck skin…all kinds of good with his red spotted slicked back hair like he was groomed for the World Dairy Expo show. Cassie ran to him right away, giggling like a little school girl but Candice could see he wasn’t into her childish attempt. Candice walked up, face to face with Big Henry and put his nose ring and chain into her mouth and started walked backwards, leading him to the silo. He has never been forced to do anything in his life by a cow and enjoyed her taking charge. Before he knew it she had him tied to the silo and was riding him, which he didn’t mind at all, enjoying every second. Cassie all confused and jealous, she moo’ed out…”at least let him breath…I want him next!”

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