Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentines’s Day Lovers

Meet Peanut…Sexy Peanut has always been the smallest animal in the group but that doesn’t stop her from being noticeable. She struts around on her four hooves like she owns the place. Even shows up the big cows at the buffet when the corn silage arrives, shoves them aside like Shaq, coming in for a basket. Peanut grew up with mostly boys so she understands if you don’t eat first you be hungry later. One of those boys was called Tuffman, he was two inches smaller than her, a younger bull with the confidence of a full grown bull. They ate and slept together in the same area all there lives till he was a year & a half old. Peanut & Tuffman both were taking an afternoon walk down the pasture lane when a crowd of guys and a dog named Sam started herding them towards the buildings. Their emotions for each other that morning was more wild than ever before. She was craving more than just his mind but his body that was developed into a gorgeous, sexy bull that she was in love with. He stood behind her protecting her from the dog and then with all the wild commotion they both lost control. He jumped up and rapped his front legs around her belly. The crowd of people started yelling at him, “stop, no, she’s too little!” But they didn’t care, he finished her till they both were dizzy and than with no struggle from Tuffman he understood he went against the law and went to a near by holding area with the group of people. They separated the two for four months, but they could touch noses and whisper sweet dirty thoughts to each other. All those dirty thought will come true when Tuffman is out of jail in four months and back with Peanut.


1 thought on “Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentines’s Day Lovers

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