Danika Sexy Cows – Valentines’s Day Lovers

Meet Robyn…Sexy Robyn’s heart has been stolen by a bull that processes confidence and sexuality that she can’t hardly live without. She saw him the first time at the drink hole last summer. She was star struck by his massive, rippling double muscled body that you could bounce a quarter off of. His veiny, wide, short neck made his head look small like WWE wrestlers. She figured he must have been a rodeo bull to be that massive, but he was calm and serious about life, wanting to produce a huge family to carry his name for forever. She found herself so caught up by his body that she forgot how to act like a mid-aged lady. Robyn started acting like a little school girl, running around the waters edge, splashing her udder with mud & water. He had no choice but to look at her being so silly and outrageous. He quickly found his inner child and stopped her in her tracks. He pounced at her getting both of them wet, more ways than one. He took his nose and brushed her tail aside and than took her heaving body standing in the muddy waters. She knew from the beginning he was only a one night stand so she took her one night and will treasure it forever.

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