Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentines’s Day Lovers

Meet Cinnamon…Sexy Cinnamon likes putting on a show with her long legs. She enjoys going to the local fairs so she can get all dolled up and show what her momma gave her. The state fair is where she meet the recently famous, stunning Johnny on the Rocks. He calls himself that do to his favorite place on his farm is standing on a rock knoll over looking his kingdom of ladies. He is a rich, snooty bull that demands attention from his women. Cinnamon smelt he was made of money the first time she strutted past him on the wood shavings. She was sure he was eating some great alfalfa and corn silage better than her grassy hay and scoop of grain. Cinnamon noticed him staring at her while she was getting her body clipped and washed. She even put on a dance after her caretakers polished her fancy hooves. He was smitten all they way, he had to have her by the time they both left West Allis. She teased him all week with ever glance and wiggle of her rump. He had enough teasing and had a plan. The last night he broke loose from his rope and made it over to her tall bedding pack made of straw made from South Dakota. He warmed her up with licking her from one end to the other till she was weak in the knees with lust. He than took her slowly, enjoying his sweet time till the end. The next morning he found his way straight to the trailer without a good bye smooch but gave a killer look of “see you next year.”

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