Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentines’s Day Lovers

Meet Tamera…Sexy Tamera has been a dirty little heifer all her life, so it’s no surprise she found a bull the is ruff and tuff named Victor. He has been recently summoned to a pen after the last time with her, after be wrongly accused of ruff housing in the yard. Tamera being dirty by nature didn’t mind a little wrestling in the mud and getting slapped in the rump by his wet, long tail. Tamera now only gets monthly visits, over night passes to stay with her man, engaging in long sessions of passionate intercourse against the steel gates. She doesn’t mind this arrangement, almost prefers feeling dominated by the most beautiful bull on the farm. His legs wrapped around her makes her feel like she is getting a massage by a well trained Swede. He swears he will be faithful to her and she can only believe he will if he stays in the steel suite, locked up like a her own sex slave. She will be visiting again next week when she will be bring by their first baby and plans on start on the next one in ruffly 60 days.

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