Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentines’s Day Lovers

Meet Lanor…Sexy Lanor has been flirting with a bull named Pedro since she saw his deep rib cage and long black switch that floated in the wind. Pedro comes from the grassy hills of Ohio…but he talks like he was transported from the streets of Mexico City. His fake Spanish flare makes all the honeys go wild when he moos his dirty intention in there ears, as he licks there ears till there insides are wet. Lanor was just one of the many ladies he flirted with, but she wanted to be different. She started talking to him with a fake French accent and pranced around him like she was not for sale. He was interested, very interested in her sexuality. He couldn’t stop looking at her 4 money makers and wanting to put his nose deep in her udder and shake his head. But for now they will play there game till they both can’t stand not to engage in two minutes of love making underneath the willow tree.


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