Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentines’s Day Lovers

Meet Agnes… Sexy Angus has always been special to the herd. Nobody really knows what breed she really is, so she claims she is a cousin to the long horned black bull that took Lane Frost’s life back in ’89. She is full of tales that gets all the girls like Betty & Mari worked up. Her last story was that she was just having a midnight snack at the buffet with “mister fabulous” Malcolm. He was trying to scare her with saying that a black widow spider was going to bite her in her big booty rump and she will surely die unless she goes with him. He then, with a sparkle in his eyes he told her it would be safer and more private outside away from all the sleeping cows. He took her to a sandy spot that glistened in the moonlight like they were in Barbados. He wanted ever inch of her and took her hard and fast till he slipped in the sand. She fell back herself and hurt her hip. She told the girl she never heard a bull cry with passion afterwards and walk away to brag to his friends so fast…he rode her so hard & long her hips hurt. She was very snooty talking to the ladies in the barn that morning, bragging about her night of passion. The herd started than looking at Malcolm more, not being himself at all and noticed he broke his dick, just dangling in the wind. So now Malcolm is steer not by choice, and the girls giggle at Agnes whenever the “Black Widow” song by Izzy Azalea comes on the radio…and moo out to Agnes “your song is on again!”

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