Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentines’s Day Lovers

Meet Mari…Sexy Mari has been a picky, snooty cow that will only eat the finest organic hay & corn. She picks out her sires totally different if you can believe. She is very adventurous, doing things that only some would never dream of, like making love in the pond and so close to a hot fence you would swear it would shock them. Her favorite lover, any there has been many, was Elvis. He was fit and wild with his full body of dark hair and shiny hooves that sparkle as he rocked his hips. He snorted lyrics that made her giggle especially when he was chasing her around the cow yard. The time she remembers the most is when he jumped on her with no warning and rode her hard for just a few minutes snorting sweet things in her ear. He then felt the need to hit it hard again and release his fart out the same time as his sperm. All she could do is laugh and enjoy there funny times in paradise.

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