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Good Doggies


All I have to say is “doggies” and both my dogs come running at me full bore! They know something up…either I have plans to get the cows, extra food or just want to be sure they are safe. They get all the kisses & hugs I would give to a child with the addition of belly scratches and pats on the head. I’m not one to give them dog treats, but if I’m walking with food, they both know they are going to score something tasty. The other day I wasn’t paying attention to my beef stick and lost the end of it to Tanner…apparently it was too tempting not to take a bite, which was the first time in years that has happened.

Sam, our Aussie/Blue Healer cross is the worker. He has many jobs on our farm, but ever morning starts with a bunch of love & fanfare…belly scratches are the favorite. Then it’s time to work, from herding the cattle up to the barn to getting them out the door.  The only thing that seems to distract him is birds in the pasture and the neighbor girl dogs that prance in front of him.

The other love of my life, Tanner, now the old dog has been with us from the start of farming. He is still in good


shape, he comes to herd the animals with Sam and I every morning and night, but really doesn’t help at all and the cows know it too…they just walk around him like he’s a rock or another cow. He will bark at the cows to get them up and but smiles so hard he can hardly bark. Once you get him started it’s hard to stop him, he’s having so much fun but doesn’t really get why he’s barking…we say “ok, ok…they are up…ENOUGH!” But you got to laugh and pat his head for giving it his all…lots of praise for my Good Doggies.

Wave to me, Amish

Corn Shocks @ 45 mph


Amish stopping for dinner
My Amish and Ski Jump tour & dinner companions

I took a couple hours off this last week to go on a motorcycle ride through our heavy populated Amish community. Giving my friends a tour through this area I call home is the most fun I’ve had in a while. Besides the all the great view around every corner and hill, we saw lot of hard workers in the fields and gardens on this beautiful afternoon. The beauty of this area is spectacular, people would be insane not appreciate the beauty of Vernon County, Wisconsin. You can explore our area on a pedal bike, car, bus, it is all great, but I think the best for me is on the back of the motorcycle…waving at everyone that takes time to look and wave back, some of the folks I knew…that might get back to my husband…