Selling of Petunia

005Selling cattle is the best ($) and worst part of the dairy business. For the first time, I took two cows by myself to the sales barn about 30 miles from home. Usually, I just call our normal trucker guy and he takes them in for me. This time since I had the time and a good trailer and truck, I thought I would save myself some money and be daring. All went ok, but they could tell I was new at the game. I don’t usually back up 5th wheel hitch trailer for starters…didn’t go perfect but made it to the dock. Once there we opened the door and he says “come-on out of there Petunia”. For a ruff job dealing with huge animals, he was the sweetest guy to my little jersey girls.004

After unloading I went inside to get some more strange looks like I was an alien. To my surprise 1 other girl was inside selling cattle as well, so Hitler I maybe be but I am not the only female. I love my girls till they are dead and will love their next generation till they are dead….and on and on. The life of a cow varies with theirs owner’s ability to take good care of them. I like to think I do a good job at taking care of my organic girls, and look forward to building them a palace for the winter with great eats and fresh water….and a scratching and lick bar.

Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories
Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories


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