Vegas Spirited Cows

Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories
Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories

A farmer’s work is never done. Even if you leave for Vegas for a weekend trip, you still have people tending to the animals. Spring is the worst for work, hence the reason I haven’t blogged in a while. Been busy fencing, hauling manure and moving animals to pasture and soon we will be preparing the soil to plant our barley, oats, grazing grass mix, alfalfa, corn and turnips!

Turnips you wonder? Why yes, only on new seeding pasture fields. This wondrous vegetable is going to do three things for me. They are a great grazing plant, the cows can eat the leaves off 20+ times and they will continue to grow, thicker as ever. The second reason is what they are doing for my soil, helping with compaction. These things are like huge white carrots looking for China. When you get 60, thousand pound animals pacing a field, it’s going to get hard to get regrowth. And a third reason…just cause I can, I’m organic, so I should try fun things with our land and that is considered cool in this area. I’m not one to promote an organic farming over conventional farming, but I do enjoy seeing my animals enjoy themselves outside a Running cowsbarn and a cement pad. If you don’t understand that, you should visit a rotational grazing farm like mine and see how they react to fresh grass. You will soon understand why we use a tobacco lathe to protect our personal boundaries, a good cow dog like my Sam and 4 wheelers when we need to chase them down if they get out or being stubborn. Cows have a desire to eat, eat, eat…unless they are in heat. So kinda like men in Vegas…lots to eat and see and if they touch something that they shouldn’t they get hit or kicked out, but in my case, I use a high powered fencer to keep my girls in line. They learn fast.Web


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