Fishing with Log Chains – Danika Wehling

You ever think about life without weather issues? All the farmers I know watch that head shotweather forecast like it’s a child next to water. What is going to happen next, when, how much, can we predict the next season by using the farmer’s almanac or old wise-tales. Well, one thing that is for sure is that nothing can predict how much damage high winds or a tornado will do until it has made its path. Last night we had high winds that destroyed our old lean-to building and the roof on our house. We are fortune we didn’t have a tornado like the devastation of the tornadoes down south.

One year, at my parents place, we had plenty of warning that we were in for a doozy of a storm. My brothers, parents and I went through the farm, putting anything and everything inside buildings so they wouldn’t get damaged. Tractors, trucks, machinery, lawnmowers, you name it – we stacked all the buildings as tight as tobacco shed 2 -possible so they wouldn’t get hailed on, which was very strange for us. The big doors on the sheds each had a one, if not more, big T posts holding them from flopping in the wind. I remember thinking to myself when we were all inside the house, “what am I going to do if I need to go to bathroom and I’m in the fruit cellar?” Well my question never got answered but we thought for a moment the storm missed us…it was calm. But just like that the wind came, trees were tilting and cracking. We watched out the kitchen window at one of our tobacco sheds that was gracefully falling on our Allis Chalmers – WD tractor and two trucks that we just put into the building. My mom, slightly happy that there might not be a chance that we couldn’t raise all the tobacco the upcoming years, but then remembered the vehicles inside getting smooshed by this once strong tobacco shed. Through all the storms, we never made it to the fruit cellar but the winds have taken out a number of our trees and put an empty grain bend in the pond which was fun trying to fish out with log chains. We were the talk of the town once again as the cars drove by assessing our situation.  Friends drove in with chain saws, food and hands to help us.

Seems like our ridge gets hit with a strong storm at least once a year – most of the time I’m milking cows during the storms. Talking to my neighbor the other day that milks cows also, we talked about where we could find each other in case we need to take shelter and we can’t make it to basement. I will be in the gutter or milk house I said, and he said he will be in his manure pit area. I guess it will be like the captain going down with his ship, but we have more of a “Jack-ass” movie ending with jumping in manure.Web


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