Roped into Hog Wrestling

Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories
Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories

Last week I get a frantic call from my brother’s chore hand – HELP WE HAVE A PIG OUT! Now normally, I’m the one calling my brothers, parents and neighbors do to my own stupidity of leaving the gate open. Cows alwImageays seem to find the best looking corn or alfalfa field. At least once a year I panic, I mean panic…cows stomachs can only handle so much alfalfa before they bloat. Last year my one brother started a small organic farrowing sow farm. These big girls must weigh 400 lbs. or more with or without mud on them. They will eat anything and everything, tear up the yard like you have never seen. So the fear of these potential human-eaters out, kinda freaks me out.

Growing up my FFA project was cattle and my one brother’s FFA project was breeding and farrowing pigs, so I’m not clueless on pigs, since I helped do lots of the work with them. So, anyways back to the rodeo…apparently his chore hand was not so experience with pigs. This poor guy thought we could just throw a rope around the head and lead her into her pen. Well that doesn’t work with many animals, including cows when they are free like this. Nate, my husband, and I watch him TRY to tackle this pig, that is easily double his weight, and try to put this little rope around her melon. Needless to say after the 5th time of sliding off the back like a wet noodle, he confessed he drinks and smokes too much, and he didn’t think his plan was going to work. Trying to be nice and not laughing my ass off, I went and got a pail of feed and opened the door and the pig seem to find her way towards me with one guy holding her tail and another one holding one leg, you know, just in case it tries to retreat.

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