Goosing Around Da Pond


Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories
Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories


I got thinking about geese the other day as I was doing some cleanup around the farm. As the flock of 100 some flew over my head, headed to the Mississippi, I was glad I could put my hood up. What if they all decided to fire and aim at me, would I post a picture of me covered in bird poop….it’s questionable. My Norwegian Grandpa & my German Grandma had a pond near their farm in Edgerton where thousands of geese flock too year after year. I remember as a kid we drove by the pond and was in udder amazement of the noise pollution. I was glad we didn’t have to live near that pond.cows in pond

We have a pond on our dairy farm that attracts a pair of mallards, an occasional goose or two and our dogs. But what it really attracts are the cattle. I know it’s not the healthiest for cattle to be in water or mud, but the heifers that get to stand in there during the hottest days of the year, don’t seem to mind what professors and vets might say. Some of my best photo moments are them lined up on the bank of the pond and them goofing around like little school girls. If I had an issue with diseases I would have to band them from all that waterpark fun, but not today!Web


1 thought on “Goosing Around Da Pond

  1. On our farm we had a pond which was also fun for us young boys to shoot BB guns at tadpoles. But the nosey cattle had to come right up to you to see if you had something for them. Fun times being a farm kid.


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