UFFDA COWS, Really! – Danika Wehling

Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories
Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories

If it’s not one thing, it’s another, that what the older Norske from Westby, Wis. always told me. Farming for me has always been a fun and rewarding. Maybe cause I don’t take life too seriously andAyrshire grazing live a kind of UFF DA lifestyle. You can explain a lot in those words – UFF DA. Like this past winter in Wisconsin…UFF DA…see it works!
Ever since I was a wee little girl washing cows in the barn for my Dad, I always figure I’d be a dairy farmer. Never did I think life would take me only a mile away on a beautiful farm in SW Wisconsin. Nate & I bought our farm from a Norwegian bachelor, bought my cows from a Norwegian farmer making Rømmegrøt at a Norwegian church for our Norwegian Festival – Syttende Mai. All sealed up with blonde hair and blue eyes for a Norwegian UFF DA Farm. Now to make life more exciting we just doubled our herd by buying my parents organic cattle. So our once full Ayrshire-Organic herd of 35 milk cows now will be mixed with a jersey, jersey crosses and a couple Holstein cows.
Keep tabs on our farm and our farm lifestyle by link to Danika Dairy Diary and Danika Wehling on FB!

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