Cabin Fever Farting Cows – Danika Wehling

Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories
Danika Wehling, Humorous Farm Stories

Spring is for me, the girl that doesn’t have allergies, is a wonderful time of year! The cows are juswater tankt itchy to spend time more than their normal hour outside in the sun. Running and jumping, kicking and farting…yes they do fart! It is one of the happiest and funniest times of the year for a farmer like me.

Besides the farting, cows love water. All winter long our cows drink water in the barn out of small drinking cups. When it’s nice enough in the spring we tip over the water tank and start filling it. As many heads as you can fit in the water tank is the goal, it seems. I feel like I’m in college standing by the keg! They just fill themselves up, and splash around like they are a bunch of kids. You don’t dare walk away from the tank otherwise they will tip it or shift it so it wouldn’t work right with a float. You really get to see who is the boss-cow and who is in training.

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