Growing up FFA Proud

IMG_4865So… growing up living on an active dairy, strawberry and tobacco farm we never got a vacation. By active I mean we never got a vacation that was more than 4 hours long. Once every summer, if we were lucky, we got away to our Grandparent’s 2nd home which was a trailer right on a lake which I thought was huge body of water.   Come to find out later in life, that “huge body of water” really wasn’t that impressive. Grandpa would fill his boat with one kid at a time and fish for bass while I got to watch from the steps with a stick and rocks. Meanwhile my Grandma would be so excited to try out a new recipe on us, which was always a 50-50 shot that the dog wouldn’t even eat it…sorry Grandma…but that Bean of Bacon Soup (with cut up hotdogs top) Pizza is legendary and had to be the worst of all. We would all smile and Mom would give the eye not to say anything, just cut it into smaller pieces and move it around the plate while Dad praised his mother’s new recipe. We would then take our mosquito bitten bodies into the car, begging to stop at KFC or Burger King for a meal on the way home where the cows await their late milking.

FFA was great for me, not only with all the leadership skills and class room education, but it showed me that the world was much bigger than the 2.5 hour radius our family could go because of cows. Now with the internet, kids that grow up on farms get to see, in live time even, what kids and adults from all over the world are doing in cities, farms and on their vacations. Farmers like me have a story every day, something is always goofy or interesting, so I also follow fellow agriculturists, and those that wish they were agriculturists, as they follow me from all over the world.

This year already has been an exceptional year, (minus the milk prices but…) we recently got named 2018 Vernon County Conservation Farmer of the Year, in which we got a free meal and a door prize, too! Since the beginning of us even thinking about dairy farming, we knew we needed a steady price and preferred not using chemicals on the land. In our luck the Organic market was in need of more milk with Organic Valley & the Westby Co-op Creamery following suit pushing for us little guys.IMG_5152

We see a bright future for FFA kids who are going into agriculture despite the everyday hardships, prices and now more extremist vegan posts we get online. Farmers like us have to have some different blood work – we seem to be resistance to haters and BS.

If this world is in a food revolution to eliminate dairy and meat in our diet then we can put up greenhouses with hydroponics and grow lettuce…we can do that! Farmers are on this earth to make food – not to sit on our hands and wait for someone else to grow it. I just feel bad for people like hubby Nate that only eat 4 different kinds of vegetables and 2-3 kinds of fruits, and he surely isn’t going to eat fake food! We are meat and potato eaters… and we don’t have to cut up and move our food around on the plate so it looks like we ate some of it. Thank a farmer for every forkful of food you do put in your mouth and help promote your local FFA group so in the future we can continue to put that forkful in our mouths!!!

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Selling Food Memories at the Country Store

I don’t remember ever having a bad meal on the farm growing up. Maybe it’s due to having a great Mother that could make even the fastest meal terrific. When I went to college, I found out that most of my best meals we ate was from the beef I brought from home, not the cheapest from the store which was what I could afford at the time.

Walking into my house now when I got food going in the oven brings tears somedays thinking about when we use to walk into both Grandparents houses smelling ham & potatoes or a big chicken meal, you can’t get much better than that! I like to think that the food bought from my store will bring family & friends together for fancy meals, like Swedish meatballs, kabobs on the grill or the lemon pepper chicken that you couldn’t stop eating! Makes me hungry just thinking about the options. 

One of my hobbies is collecting cookbooks and thumbing through them, but I hardly ever make anything out of them due to I enjoy trying new spices & fresh garlic together on my meat & my standard recipes that are in my head from the time I was little are kick-ass. 

Looking at my store we got farmers that brought in maple syrup & honey that could be infused in meat…or a big squash cooked on the side of a meatloaf with a drizzle of syrup or honey on top of both & cooked to perfection…be fun! Food can be fun if you make it fun! Families have been told to slow down, turn off the cell phones at night and socialize with family & friends…and the best way to do that is at the kitchen table, picnic table or standing by the grill with a beer in one hand & brat in the other. Enjoy life & enjoy food!

Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Day Love Stories 

Meet Selma…Sexy Selma has always been a little aggressive. She has a way about her that every loves to hate, very push-push is the nicest thing the girls say in the barn. She will knock you out like Rousey if she doesn’t get what she wants. She wasn’t always this way, they say she switched attitudes soon after her date with Clyde.

Clyde and Selma grew up together on Danika’s farm. Even if they were apart they still talked everyday from pasture to pasture. Occasionally on Friday or Saturday nights one would break down a fence so they could run, eat and play in the moonlight. If luck would have it, Danika wouldn’t notice they were out till the next morning. Clyde would always have a fresh new plan with every date that keep her interest sneaking away. This time he was eyeing up a valley full of luscious grass to pick at till they get caught once again. She couldn’t wait to get him sweaty like last week when he gave her a lesson on deep internal diving as he liked to call it. She was hoping he was up for another round. Instead this time he just wanted to eat and cuddle, which was disappointing her and he knew it. She fell asleep next to him and woke up to a sharp pain in her tail. Clyde the big oxe was standing right on her tail not knowing it till she cried out with a beller. His romantic attempted to wake her up with his attentive cock was ruined by a smashed, broken tail under his hoof. She was so upset about her now stub tail that she never has visited him again, no matter how bad he cries in the pasture, she has moved on.

Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Day Love Stories 

Meet Tamera…Sexy Tamera doesn’t like change, she is as routine as a nun going to pray in a church. She takes the same stall in the sand in the freestall barn and the same end stall on the north right side of the barn every morning and night for milking. This summer might change her normal everyday routine when she has to walk to pasture with a big baby in her belly which she calls a Big Oppsie Baby.

This so called accident was not scheduled, like most babies in the world, but she was planning on raising it with the help of Danika. If the girls in the freestall barn didn’t peer pressure her into pole dancing around that vertical Future Cow backscratcher, Pedro would have never have noticed her long silky legs that she hides daily. She was having so much fun arching her back and tail she didn’t even notice Pedro licking his lips at her every move. He moved closer and closer to her, her eyes opened and meet his than he moved even closer yet till their sweaty necks meet. The heat of passion over took their brains till she was lying in a sore state in her normal sandy stall. She was rode so long she could barely get up to eat and get milked for the next two days. She now calls Pedro…Triple P, the Power Penis Projector.

Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Day Love Stories 

Meet Danielle…Sexy Danielle is a beautiful cross of an Ayrshire and a Red Belted but she didn’t carry the white belt trait. She is completely red and lean like her mother. She’s aware that she might be a bit shorter than some of her pasture friends but she carries herself with confidence that attracts all the bulls in neighbor. 

During a cool morning last fall, she walked up on the hill to see what her friend Heath the Highlander Bull was doing. He was a quite bull not knowing much English-moo, he spoke to her in a grunting Scottish accent the best he could. Normally she gets bored by him talking about the hot weather in Wisconsin and how Danika should shave his back, which grosses her out. With the hair dangling over his eyes he looked at Danielle and grunted “you’re going to get a little Scottie in you.” She giggled and turn away. He became irritated by her and started rubbing his horns and neck against the grassy hillside. She never seen this side of him, she was suddenly mesmerized by his every move till he was rubbing up against her back like a violin getting played. She was in love with the red fluffy guy for the moment, till she heard the skid steer coming with silage than it was off and running!

Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Day Love Stories 

Meet Ellen…Sexy Ellen brings a new color into the herd not just on her back but in her personality. She has been known as the bombshell that struts into the barn with her boyfriend by her side, making all the girls jealous as she licks his brow with her long tongue and other private areas just to get all the girls jealous. Her boyfriend Tommy Moolee Jones, is a dirty, dirty bull with a body that makes all the girls moo to the top of their lungs. He doesn’t mind the attention in public, almost prefers it.

Last summer the two of them were hot to trot, showboating there love in the pasture. Ellen, just a young lady was not thinking about her reputation in a small herd. She was just being a wild heifer, kiss and rubbing up against Tommy any chance she had. One day at the pond she was knee deep in water as Tommy came behind her to lift her tail, with a big crowd of spectators around them like he enjoyed. He never tried it in the pond before, and this would take his dream location with the bombshell to a new level. So he jumped on her back to give her hips some lovin’. Ellen was mooing so much, Tommy thought, “she is loving this” but little did he know her mother was standing in front of her. As her body was sinking in the mud, he was finishing and his fishing rod jumped out by accident and exploded down Ellen’s back and hitting her mom in the eyes. It was EVERYWHERES like a volcano erupted! Her Mom was fired up, she scolded Tommy out of the water than help push her daughter out of the mud. Ellen’s Mom begged Danika night and day to be put in another pasture as soon as possible! 

Danika’s Sexy Cows – Valentine’s Day Love Stories 

Meet Callie…Sexy Callie is a little heifer that just couldn’t wait to grow up. She has always been an independent, free spirited animals, the one that was just small enough to sneak through the red feeders to eat grass and smart enough to sneak back before Farmer Danika and her dog Sam saw her. As she got older her skills changed and started checking fences and unlocking chains on gates to escape for food. 

Last winter Callie and a couple of her friends from the north pasture decided to step over the fence, which you normally can’t do, but with the snow drift it was easy to do. The girls split up, 3 went east to the corn silage pile and her an Sue Ann went to see who was so talkative in the building. He was a small, young bull named LilNuts by the cows, their bull was Bobby Big Nuts, but for his size he was ripped like he was working out everyday getting ready to fight for the chance to be the main bull. He noticed Callie & Sue Ann trying to get closer to his small pen and started pacing his pen with excitement with ever step they took. Sue Ann noticed he had so much grain in his dish but Callie didn’t see anything but his beautiful blue eyes and long muscles. She had to get closer, working the gate chain she open the gate for her and Sue Ann. Of course Sue Ann was focused on the feed, Callie jump right on the back of LilNuts to get a good feel of his warm body. They danced around & around teasing each other like kids till he pushed her head in the corner. Her face was getting slammed into the gate with every push he gave her, she gasp with shock but was enjoying the new erotic behavior he was teaching her. Sue Ann not paying any attention until a sudden scream by Farmer Danika. They both looked at each other and started running out of the pen. Nine months later Callie had a beautiful baby boy.

Danika’s Sexy Cows ~ Valentine’s Day Love Stories

Meet Suri…Sexy Suri is a now considered an aged cow but she sure doesn’t show or act her age. She’s a flirty romantic Ayrshire that wants to be romanced by a strong, long legged, brown haired jersey bull that lives next door. She checks every month over the fence to see if her dream bull notices her rather than those hot little heifers. She secretly named him Tim Teemoo and dreams he is waiting for her even though she knows better. 

One day her eyes meet Teemoo over the single stran of electric fence that separate their pastures. They both started walking towards each other, never unlocking their eyes till they both sensed a fence now between them. Teemoo reached towards her nose till they touched. He started licking her her nose so fast he lost track of his footing and walked into the fence. Suri suddenly became getting disturbed sexual by his kisses and couldn’t figure out why he had special powers that made her whole body tingle all the way through to her tail. She continued to lock tongues with Teemoo till she pasted out from the erotic experience. When she fell, he got shocked a good one and retreated back to his hill side of grass. That night she told the girls about his amazing tongue that made her get all fuzzy headed. After morning milking the girls took turns strutting their stuff next to the fence trying their best to tempt Teemoo, but Teemoo didn’t want anything to do with them…Suri was the only one he wanted, she figured anyways.

Baby get Back

These calves are adorable and sweet…but they can be handful at feeding time. This is one reason they are in pens otherwise they would follow me around the farm like I’m their full time mom. I was talking to another girl farmer the other day about our experience with calves on how strong they are, and needy, they demand attention! We farmers have gotten calf head hits to the crotch, stomach, head and frequently a finger smash with the metal panels or gates. But just like children, we don’t take long term offense by it, they are babies and need milk now or will cry, push and scream till full attention to their belly are made.  

A Bit of the Fever

Yesterday this girl calved, milked fine, ate fine and then today out of the blue she said…nope I’m tired and going to fall in the poop and sleep. That’s when my hired guys call me and I start picking up the pace. Luckily my neighbor is a vet, brings me over the skill and medical attention she needs. She is up and fine, and moved back to the calving pen with some more calcium & dry hay in her guts for a good smooth transition to being the best cow she can be.